I went to James Hutchinson at Total Osteo for long term chronic back pain.  I really appreciate how he took the time to listen and understand what I was experiencing.  He explained each treatment to me before hand, and was very gentle with any manipulation. This helped me to relax, so I got the full benefit of each treatment. James worked very hard to resolve my back pain, which was much faster than I expected.  I am very happy with his treatment, and have recommended him too many friends and family.

- A.F.

I want to thank you for the benefits I have gained from your osteopathic treatments. I no longer wake up in the morning with stiffness and discomfort in my neck and pressure and pain in my head which so often lead to very bad headaches requiring medication later in the day. It is a joy to wake up able to move freely and confident that I will be able to do so all day. Thank you, also for recommending the Peace Pillow Connect, which does a great job of keeping my neck aligned now that it has been treated.

- H.M.


I was recommended to Total Osteo by my wife’s friend for my ongoing back pain.  James first of all assessed me with a professional and friendly manner, then used a gentle technique and advised me on the appropriate recovery exercises which worked very well.  Since then my back feels great, and thanks to James I can now go running, and do the gardening again.  Thanks Total Osteo.

- G.S.

I was injured after a mountain bike accident and suffered a painful shoulder and stiff neck as a result of the injuries.  I was treated regularly by a chiropractor but there was no long term effect, and the pain remained.  I was really disappointed, until I went to James Hutchinson at Total Osteo.  I noticed great improvement after the first few days, then the acute symptoms disappeared, and I have been pain free ever since.  Thanks very much.  

- S.F.


I had a difficult period of ill health following prolonged stress in my life which resulted in multiple physiological effects.  I decided I needed to do whatever was necessary to slowly regain my health and find a health professional who I could trust to help that process.  I have found James’ treatment to be the most gentle and effective I have ever experienced, and I feel relaxed and at ease after our treatment sessions.  His treatments enhance the natural healing process and not only treat the muscular aches and pains, but a deeper result is achieved as he works with all systems in the body.  So, I intend to keep coming to Total Osteo for a maintenance programme to keep me on track.  We live in a stressful world, so I look upon James as helping me to maintain what I need to maintain a healthy and happy life.

- C.M.

Having two boys 16 months apart understandably put lots of joints and areas out of alignment but one visit to James later and I felt completely transformed!! I totally recommend Total Osteo to all new mothers out there. ;)

- S.V.