James Hutchinson

OCNZ and ACC Registered Osteopath
MOst, MPhil, BAppSci (Human Bio), MONZ


James believes when your body is in its natural balance, everything works as it should. And getting to the root of his patients’ problems is what he does best.

As an observer of your pain, nutrition and lifestyle, James can start to bring everything into harmony through a blend of osteopathic techniques to improve well-being and remove pain (chronic and acute).

James was an internationally renowned chef who previously worked in New Zealand, Australia, and England before fulfilling his dream and studying to be an Osteopath. Drawing from this experience means he is able to assist you with nutrition and lifestyle balance for your optimum health.

James is passionate about Osteopathy, and enjoys treating structurally, cranially and viscerally with a particular interest in cranial and indirect techniques that can be applied to all ages. The gentlest approaches often have the greatest changes throughout the body.

•     Uses cranial osteopathy, coupled with gentle hands-on structural and visceral techniques.

•     Strong diagnostic skills and listening ability getting to the root of his patients’ problems.

•     James is renowned for achieving an accelerated return to pain-free health and well-being for his clients.

•     Studied Obstetric Care (a branch of medicine that deals with the birth of children and care of women before, during, and after birth) with world renowned Caroline Stone and Stephen Sandler.

•     Clinical Supervisor and Master of Osteopathy Lecturer at Unitec from 2012-2015

•     Master of Philosophy degree investigating the management of neck pain by osteopathic and physiotherapy practitioners.

Away from work, James enjoys time with his three children who are involved in their local community and a variety of outdoor activities.


Our approach


Our friendly approach to clinical assessment allows us to take the time to get to know you individually, initially we will conduct a detailed overall assessment of your body. We help you develop a management plan than is specific to your needs and caters for the uniqueness inherent in all of us. Our comprehensive professional training enables us to safely apply specialized ‘hands on’ techniques to carry out treatment. We seek to achieve change though assisting the person to achieve harmony in the body systems underlying the expressed symptoms using a variety of methods specific to the problem and age of each individual.

Optimal health and wellness arises when the body is in balance. When this equilibrium is disturbed, pain and illness may occur. Using a distinct combination of science, philosophy, and skilled touch we gently enable your body to restore it's natural balance, thereby facilitating healing. Our individualised management plans are designed to provide easy to follow advice most applicable to your lifestyle.

Personal empowerment and improved function and mobility will allow you to continue living healthily long after your treatment.

James holds a Master's degree in Osteopathy and is registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand. He is registered with ACC, and referrals are not necessary to register an injury claim. James also holds an Master of Philosophy degree which investigated the treatment of neck pain in New Zealand. As a practitioner and principal osteopath at Total Osteo James can be trusted to operate ethically and with the utmost integrity at all times. James regularly attends Continuing Professional Development courses to improve his skills.